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for wisdom, courage & willpower

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Witch Hazel has been used for centuries to create Divination rods & the bark and twigs can be used to protect against evil. Carry a blue satchel of Witch Hazel to mend a broken heart. When scattered on your floors it can bring Harmony to your home or business.

Witch Hazel also aids in astral travel & protects you on your journey.  Also you may place it under your pillow for prophetic dreams.

Botanical Name: Hamamelis virginiana

Magickal Uses: Banishing, Courage, Love Divination, Fidelity, Healing, Learning, Inspiration, Loss, Protection, Sex, Sexuality, Willpower, Wisdom & Witchcraft

Holistic Uses: Witch Hazel is made into a toner to cleanse the skin & can help to reduce stress.

This comes in a lovely 2 oz. glass apothecary jar with Pentacle charm & informative label.



Herbs and information provided are not meant to treat or diagnose any disease or medical condition. Please seek medical attention if needed and always do research before consuming herbs or resins. Many contain natural high medicinal properties, which may be toxic to pets, small children and women who are nursing or pregnant.

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