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What or Who is behind Woodland Witchcraft?

Welcome to Woodland Witchcraft, I’m Storm Grey the owner and curator of Woodland Witchcraft. I am a single mother of four beautiful children who are all my best friends. My boys are 15, 19 & 21 and my lovely daughter is 13. I would call her my mini-me, but we are the same size. They grow up so fast! I live in a big old house in Newport, VT with my two youngest children, my two spoiled cats, and my amazing partner who refuses to let me work myself to death.

When I’m not working in my shop or studying, I love to spend time in nature taking walks, sitting by the river (really, I mean in it), and finding new ways to bring meaning and adventure to our lives. My oldest son is a senior in college this year (I am so proud of him). I started college right out of high school, but after the first year the adventure bug bit me and I was on the move. I’ve lived in many states, (Mass., Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas) to name a few and lived many lifetimes in this life alone. I have met many amazing people and some not so amazing, however I learned so much from all the people I have met. I grew up with many extra sensory gifts, but when I was young, I tried to hide them or ignore them. It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I decided to embrace it; that’s when I started to study my craft and really focus on how to use and control my gifts.

Storm Grey

Woodland Witchcraft was created because I wanted to have a way to share my craft with others and to help them on their path. I have been ensconced in the magickal world since birth & I love to share my knowledge, wisdom & adventures even misadventures with others to help them learn, grow & move forward on the path of enlightenment. For me the craft isn't just about casting spells or doing rituals & it's definitely not based on any one religion. It's about the path to self-discovery, self-control, self-love, enlightenment, and a holistic way of staying healthy and living my best life. It's about being in tune with nature, the Divine, the Universe and all the beings of this world, the last & the next. 

I first started creating magickal items for my practice because I couldn't find the magickal items for my craft that I really wanted. I didn't want manufactured incense, candles, oils, salts & spell jars. I wanted ones that were high quality and made with ethically sourced materials. Sustainability is so important to me. That was when I started my witchcraft business. All of my witch-crafted items are made with ethically sourced, quality materials. I have put a lot of research, time & purpose into all of my hand-crafted items. I make them in micro batches of 3 to 5 so that everything is fresh and has good energy. Creating these magickal goodies is an act of love and intention.

I create all of my items myself; that means the labels, print materials, packaging, & of course the products themselves. Each item is infused with the general intention of its use and everything in my shop is cleansed and charged with positive energy before going to its new home. Most magickal goodies come with information cards or informative labels & every order comes with a gift.

I choose to use the gift of each day to show gratitude for all of the beauty & wonder of this world and all that inhabits it; taking every opportunity to experience new things and learn new lessons. There is so much more to being a witch than meets the eye; we are the wise ones, the healers, & the caretakers & being as such we must attain the wisdom, knowledge & compassion that lies within our souls to help others navigate this world. 

When I am not working in my shop or meandering through the forests, I spend my time learning. I have many teachers and I read many books. There is no way that any one person can know everything as there is always more to learn. I have studied witchcraft, crystals, herbs, spirituality, different religions, traditions, astrology, tarot, and holistic healing modalities for over 10 years & I have lived the life since birth. That being said, I am always willing to share what I have learned with others and if there is a question, I don't know the answer to, we will find out together.

Magickal Blessings,

~Storm Grey

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