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An enchanting blend of Bayberry and Northwoods; Winter Woods is the perfect blend to embody all things Winter.

Powered by Moonstone for the Goddess aspect returning to one's self letting go of what no longer serves us, Labradorite helping one to become the best magical version of oneself and Clear Quartz to lend its power to the whole mix amplifying all of one's intentions.

Use this Alchemy Spray to help one connect to the Winter season and all it encompasses or simply use it for the sheer enjoyment of the aroma and high vibrations it brings.

Winter Woods Alchemy Spray comes in a 2 oz amber glass spray bottle with lovely label.  It is a blend of the highest quality of fragrance and essential oils blended with distilled water & Everclear with crystal chips of moonstone, Labradorite and clear quartz.  Hand made in Vermont & with great care and love!

Winter blessings!


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