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This all natural, Citrusy resin gives off a clean & fresh scent that will energize your spirit & raise your vibrations. One of the best ways to freshen things up is with a fresh citrus scent as it breathes new energy, joy & higher vibrations to ones life.  This resin is designed to help one as we go through transformation & growth in all aspects of ones life whether it be work, spiritual, school or personal. Use this blend to clear and align the chakras as well bringing vitality to your aura & physical body.
There is enough resin in each 1 oz. glass corked bottle to last for many uses, as a little goes a very long way. It can be used as is, our ground up into a fine powder with your mortar & pestle. It is burned over hot charcoal; once your charcoal is hot, sprinkle some resin over it and allow it to diffuse. Let the magick of the smoke find it's way to your intentions, allowing it to revitalize ones magickal journey.
Blessings of Transformation,
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