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TRANQUILITY ALCHEMY OIL for Peace, Serenity & Enlightenment

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This beautiful soft & innocent blend uplifts the spirits & brings feelings of peace calming the mind allowing tranquility to reign.

This serene blend of Sandalwood, Roses & Aventurine helps to cleanse ones energy, filling one with vibrations of pure love & light. Sandalwood has been used since ancient times of old for spiritual growth & magick. It's natural scent is most calming, preferred for meditation pulling one even closer to the Divine while letting go of ego. Combined with Roses & Aventurine it calms the mind enhancing clarity & opens the Third Eye. This brings gentleness & gratitude making those feelings the key energy to this blend awakening one to their highest good.

This magickal hand crafted Alchemy Oil is diluted with Sweet Almond oil, comes in a 1/3 oz roller bottle with lovely informative label. Perfect as a gift. Make sure to get one for yourself as well!



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Remember that these magickal items are the tools but the magick truly lies within oneself. Store these in a cool dry place, keep from heat or direct sunlight.

Vegan Friendly! Free of harsh chemicals & animal testing.

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