SNOW FAIRY ALCHEMY OIL for Connection with the Fae

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This Alchemy Oil was created to help others to Attune with the Winter Spirits aka Snow Fairies. The scent is amazingly sweet yet woodsy at the same time. Catch whiffs of cotton candy, plums, cherry & woods. The Fae love sweets so these would also make a perfect offering or use to honor them. Winter is a great time to team up with the Fae. They are very knowledgeable especially with healing remedy's. A give and take partnership could be just in time to ward off a winter cold. Sprinkled on top is Amethyst and fairy dust.

Fairies have so much to teach us and show us about nature, healing, magick and the other realms. If you are able to make friends with fairies the possibilities are endless.

This wonderful Alchemy Oil is Charged with Amethyst for it's clairvoyant enhancing abilities.

There are many incantations you may use to call the Fairies to you however I find if you go out into the woods or nature and sit quietly with a pure heart and just enjoy your surroundings they will come. Also a gift of honey and cream is always a favorite of the Fae. Always remember to use caution when working with the Fae their views on many things are different than ours. Fairies are very powerful creatures, some like humans others don't. You always want to be respectful and do some research before you make contact so you don't offend them.

This Snow Fairy drawing alchemy oil comes in a 1/3 oz. glass roller bottle. This beautiful oil blend is diluted with natural Sweet Almond Oil, and is ready to wear as a body oil or use in a magickal bath. Crystal stones of Amethyst have blessed the oil in each bottle to keep the magickal workings strong. I make these oils in very small batches so they are always fresh when you get them.

May you dance in the magick of the Fae,


The Woodland Witch is not responsible for any use or misuse of her creations. Remember that these magickal items are the tools but the magick truly lies within oneself.

Vegan Friendly! Free of harsh chemicals & animal testing.

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