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SMUDGE WAND: MEDITATION 2 pack for Meditation, Clarity & High Vibrations

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Meditation Smudge Wand made with Mountain Sage, Copal, Frankincense & Myrrh is perfect for Meditation bringing Clarity to ones visions & raising ones vibrations helping to remove negative energies & allowing one to do spirit work free of harmful energies.

Take some time for oneself & go to ones sacred space. Light one of these Smudge Wands and let it smolder while meditating. These wands are packed full of powerful resins for Cleansing, Purification, Strength, Healing, Wisdom, Spiritual Growth & Raising Ones Vibrations

PLANETS: Jupiter

Magickal uses: Cleansing, Purification, Strength, Healing, Wisdom, Spiritual Growth & Raising Ones Vibrations

These lovely Smudge Wands come in a pack of 2 & comes in a decorative organza bag with Smudge Use information card. I hope these lovely bundles bring healing, peace and positive energy to you!

* Light the tip over an open flame, while holding it a an angle for a good 20-40sec. Once you have a good light, waft the flame out leaving only the burning hot embers of the dried herbs. Carry it around your home/ room/ office starting from the front entrance. Make sure to pass the smoke over the door frames, windows, dark corner and closets where negative energy can linger. Pass the smoke along the edges of the floor, while holding the thought or intention of releasing the spirits that linger & sending away the negative energy. Once you are finished, put the herb bundle out in a fire safe bowl or Abalone shell.  As always be mindful of any fallen embers that they do not catch anything on fire. I like to draw pentacles in smoke over windows and doorways for good measure.

Other uses for this Smudge Bundle:
* Break apart the bundle and burn on charcoal or just burn bits for offerings
* Break apart the bundle and put some of the herbs in a tea pouch to use in ones bath.
* Un-tie the bundle and dress it around candle for ceremony or decoration.


Magickal Blessings,


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