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SELENE GODDESS CANDLE For Moon Magick, Intuition & Creativity

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Selene is the Greek Goddess of the Moon. She is associated with Moon Magick, Intuition, Creativity, Fertility, the Mother aspect of the Moon. She watches out for Her children and helps one to find great insight and wisdom when it comes to our emotions & feelings, also She is great to work with when needing to focus more on ones intuition.

The scent of Hyacinth & Jasmine will enchant one into a happy meditative state so that one can focus on what the Goddess is trying to show you.

Goddess Ritual Jar Candles are beautiful hand poured candles, infused with herbs & flowers to amplify your spiritual workings. Lovingly handmade in small batches with my special coconut wax blend, a luxurious creamy wax blend you will love, each candle is infused with premium fragrance & essential oils and essences from all around the world. Each one of a kind and unique creation begins with a specific intent. It then transforms into a truly authentic aromatic magickal masterpiece immersed in the spirit and tradition of Old World Magick. Ritually charged all of our candles are free from harmful additives, animal and poly based products. Coconut Wax is my all-natural Coconut & Soy wax blend.

Each candle is 6 oz and comes is a re-usable apothecary jar with cork lid. This candle is infused with cornflower, jasmine & selenite!

Magickal Blessings,


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