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for divination & working with the dead

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Samhain is a powerful & magickal time of the year when practitioners of magick perform Divination Rituals, Contact the Dead & Honor their Ancestors. The Veil between the living and the dead is at it's thinnest allowing better access to other realms. 

My Samhain Candle was created to help set the atmosphere & intention for such things. With a combination of Clove for protection, Sandalwood for heightened spirituality & Pumpkin for homey comfort the aroma of this candle is sure to set the mood for some amazing ritual work. 

This enchanting candle is also topped with Mugwort to help with visions and astral travel, Putka Pods for their connection to death, comfort & family, Amethyst for healing & spiritual connection and Black Obsidian for protection and healing ancestral curses.

This magickal hand poured 8 oz. candle can be used for spells or just the aromatherapy that it offers. These lovely candles are made up of organic soy & coconut wax, non-toxic paper core wick, premium fragrance/essential oil blend & is charged with associated crystal chips sprinkled on the wax. The magickal aura from each candle is very powerful as it is, creating an energy shift in any room or space it resides in. This beautifully aromatic candle radiates with a high scent throw & brings much joy. These have an average burn time of 45+ hours. It comes in a reusable black candle tine with lid & lovely informative label. Perfect as a gift. Make sure to get one for yourself as well!

Samhain Blessings,


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Remember to use fire safety whenever burning candles. The Woodland Witch is not responsible for any use or misuse of her creations. Remember that these magickal items are the tools but the magick truly lies within oneself. Store these in a cool dry place, keep from heat or direct sunlight.

Vegan Friendly! Free of harsh chemicals & animal testing.

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