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for love & emotional healing

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Rose Hips have so many uses plus they're rich in Vitamin C, they are the fruit of wild roses, which is often a rich food for the birds & critters, that is formed after successful pollination. For ages it has been harvested to create herbal syrups, teas & other remedies. It has been used for all kinds of ailments & holds an important place in the natural medicine cabinets of many.
Roses are the most sacred flowers for Hekatean witches as her beautiful flowers represent the fire of creation & destruction of our Mother. The Hips and the fruit (seed pods) of some wild varieties are her beautiful dark womb while the thorns banish the profane.
The hips are an evocation of the emotional depths therefore are well suited for emotional healing.
Rose hips are popular to use between the time of Samhain & Yule, as it holds the vibration of death & rebirth. Use these to attune to this energy as we shed away our shadow self of Winter and step into the light of Spring.
Botanical Name: Rosa Canina
Gender: Feminine     Planet: Venus     Element: Water     

Deity: Hecate, Aphrodite, Demeter, Freya & Persephone

Magickal Powers: New Beginnings, Love, Banishing, Manifestation, Emotional Healing, Protection, Trust, Psychic Witchcraft, Death

Spiritual Properties: Ancestors, Attachments, Beginnings, Calmness, Psychic Abilities, Rebirth & Sacredness within.

Witch Tip: Brew a cup of Rose Hip tea under a Full Moon to cast  a spell of beauty & love upon oneself.

This comes in a lovely 2 oz. glass apothecary jar with Pentacle charm & informative label.



Herbs and information provided are not meant to treat or diagnose any disease or medical condition. Please seek medical attention if needed and always do research before consuming herbs or resins. Many contain natural high medicinal properties, which may be toxic to pets, small children and women who are nursing or pregnant.

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