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for healing the heart & compassion

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Rhodonite is a beautiful stone of compassion & generosity, it teaches one to work from the heart helping one to find ones true life path. It helps in balancing unstable emotions as it heals deep rooted scars from emotional trauma & past lives. It works to heal the soul & inspires restoration helping one to nurture ones inner-self. When one is dealing with too much stress or worry it can help to realign one back to ones center  offering stability to ones mind, body & soul. Wear this lovely necklace when going through massive shifts in ones life especially when great emotional strength is needed. 

Each piece comes in a beautiful Woodland Witch Apothecary gift box,ready to gift.

ABOUT THIS PIECE:  This pendant is made of .925 Sterling Silver, with a semi precious stone of Rhodonite set into the lovely Victorian  design. The pendant measures 1" in length.

LIMITED EDITION PIECES: You will receive the piece/set similar to the one in the photo, or the exact one pictured. Once these pieces are gone we may not carry them every again. Handcrafted with .925 Sterling Silver.

Magickal Blessings,


More jewelry coming soon!

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