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PROTECTION SPELL KIT TRAVEL ALTAR for Energetic Protection, Empaths & Auric Shield

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This Travel Tin for Protection is packed with power. These altar tins are cute, portable, and versatile so you can easily take it on a trip to cast your magick anywhere. They can be refilled with your own preferred items after you use the ones contained, & allow you to easily carry out your desire to take your travel altar out on the go and perform some rituals in a secluded place. Everything in this kit is centered around protection!

Use this kit as you feel drawn to, using all ingredients or just a few at a time. Cast a little protective candle magic, create a protective magick circle, cut a negative cord, charge the crystal for protection, make a protective sachet, you are only limited by your imagination.

Whatever your use for this kit, it is definitely packed with the powerful items needed to allow you to detox, release stress, anxiety, depression & fears. Allowing you to raise your vibrations by letting go of the harmful energies holding you back from being the best version of you.

Contents of the kit : Handmade Black salt, Rosemary herb, Black Obsidian stone, black string, 3 Myrrh incense cones, 2 black tea light candles, White Sage Leaves, Protection Oil & Hand ground Cascarilla all in a 5.5"x4"x1.5" tin. Once used just refill with ingredients of your own choosing.

May you be Blessed & Protected,


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