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The Morrigan is one of the great Goddesses of Ireland and is a multifaceted Goddess. She is one as the Morrigan and many, a trinity as “The Morrigan or the “Morrigu”. She is a shape shifter known for being a Goddess of war and battle, the cycle of life and death, and is also associated with wisdom and prophecy, magick and the land, among other aspects.

The Morrigan’s name in history has varying spellings and translations, but in Irish her name was originally Mor-Rioghain, meaning “great queen” or “phantom queen”. the Morrigan is primarily associated with battle, bloodshed, and destruction. The Morrigan was such a powerful symbol of life and birth that the Celts believed she could revive their dead soldiers to fight once more.

The Morrigan was clearly a Goddess who embodied a strong woman and the Celtic love of warfare. She used spells and incantations as her main weapon. In earlier Celtic accounts, her head was that of a crow, raven, or vulture, although she has transformed into a white cow with red ears, an eel, an old hag and a young woman. She was also known as Caileach (crone) who granted sovereignty or took it away from kings.

Even though it may appear that the Morrigan is teaching us to fight battles, if one were to look at life altogether, there is much more to learn. She challenges, tests, and encourages us to take action in our lives, to become stronger, to create change, to release what no longer serves us, to fight for what we believe in and stand up for ourselves; to point out the truth, to change our fate or accept it, and to use our own power as Goddesses. She is a powerful woman of influence, and though we cannot physically transform into other forms, we can manifest transformation in so many other ways. This is a great lesson She has to teach us.

The energy of Oakmoss, Juniper & Honeysuckle help us to step into our power & give clarity & strength to our magick. Black Obsidian chips grace this powerful potion. Use this magickal Alchemy Oil to honor the Morrigan or to seek her aid when working on your own transformations.

Wear this Alchemy Oil on the night of the Dark Moon in honor of the Morrigan, during Dark Moon rituals, or when seeking Her assistance in your magickal workings.

This mystical oil is made with 100% all natural Sweet Almond Oil. Scented with my the Morrigan oil one can catch the scent of Honeysuckle, Sandalwood, Juniper & more, blessed with Black Obsidian. This enchanting oil comes in a 1/3 oz. glass roller bottle with a lovely label.

May your Magickal Endeavors Be Blessed,


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The Woodland Witch makes no promises as to the outcome of her items as these are merely tools the magick truly lies within oneself!

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