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for business success & money attraction

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Creating a positive relationship with money helps you get the things you need in life. However it's not the only thing that makes this possible. Don't let money control your life. If you balance your emotions towards it, believe you deserve it and give thanks for the funds that you already have; you can rid your mind of the belief that the money you need is out of your reach. You deserve wealth in all things. When you are positive you attract success, happiness, and money ( which is simply a tool in life). If you have positive thoughts towards money you will attract it, so you need to allow yourself to receive financial success.

This incense is crystal charged with Citrine, that work in a magickal blend of high quality essential oils & perfume oils, creating positive money vibes and a fountain of wealth just for you. Don't obsess about money, simply use the incense daily with a heart full of gratitude and you will notice a big difference in your financial growth. Never use it out of desperation or greed, use this incense during a prosperity ritual or while giving thanks and release your intention to the Universe. Believe that the Universe will always provide more than enough.

These wonderful handmade alchemy incense sticks burn for approximately 60 minutes each and are made up of pressed charcoal sticks, crystal energies, fragrance oils & essential oils. There are 20 magickal sticks in each pack, that yield beautiful and lingering aroma wherever they are burned. They are blessed with chip stones of Citrine crystals.

May you have all the Prosperity you need,


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The Woodland Witch makes no promises as to the outcome of her items as these are merely tools the magick truly lies within oneself!

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