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for inner peace

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Kambaba Jasper is a mystical stone that aligns one with ones inner peace. It opens one up to allow more love, calm & tolerance into ones consciousness. Use Kambaba Jasper when setting the intention of releasing oneself from negative thoughts especially if they are thoughts held on to for a long time. It calms and soothes emotional upsets opening ones heart to loving oneself and others more fully and completely. This stone works great for regression therapy. The green energy in this stone activates ones ability to increase prosperity and abundance. Use it with the intention of increasing money flow in ones life.


ZODIAC: Capricorn
PLANET: Saturn

Each special stone chooses its new home, as you will receive 1 2.25" butterfly ( picked at random ) per order. Each stone comes with a beautiful ivory organza bag & information card on a bed of Spanish Moss. Before use of your new crystal, it is always a good idea to consecrate each stone for it's intended purpose. You can do so, by smudging (with sage) each stone to clear any energies it has absorbed and putting your intention forth on each stone, resetting & programming it for how it will help you.

Blessed Be!


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