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for guidance, crossroads & protection

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Hekate as us Americans spell it; is the Goddess of Magick, Night, Spirits, Wisdom, Childbirth & much more; how better to honor Her than with these enchantingly beautiful incense cones created in Her honor. Scented with my Hekate Oil this incense will add power to one's magickal workings.

The energy of Star Anise & Red Garnet come together to enhance one's Witchy workings. Take this time to understand your own magickal wisdom, the power of your own darkness & the sacred connection you have to Spirit. Fuel this energy by summoning the Goddess Hekate, Goddess of Witchcraft & Magick. She is viewed as the Goddess of the night, the moon, ghosts, spirits & necromancy. Her energy can guide you in deepening your psychic & divination work with the spirit world. As Her name means "worker from afar," She is able to shift between the dimensions, gathering information & insight from unseen worlds, creating a foundation of intense spiritual growth & knowledge of true Witchcraft. Let Her guidance comfort you into exploring beyond the boundaries into the unknown releasing your own limits & connecting to the true magick that lies within your soul. Remember it is Hekate who escorts us through the realms; She brought us here when we were born and She will escort us when we leave. Take comfort in Her firm yet motherly guidance.

Burn this incense on the night of the Dark Moon in honor of Hekate, during Dark Moon rituals, or when seeking her assistance in your magickal workings.

These enchanting Incense Cones come in a pack of 13 with little Garnet & Smoky Quartz chips to keep the magick strong.

May your Magickal Endeavors Be Blessed,


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Remember fire safety whenever burning incense. The Woodland Witch is not responsible for any use or misuse of items. We make no promises to the outcomes of our items as these are but tools the magick lies truly in one's self.

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