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for meditation & focus

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Fluorite is the ultimate stone to help one focus which makes it a must have for meditation practices. It helps one tune out excess chatter in ones mind, helping to empty ones mind before & during meditation.

Known as the "Genius Stone" Fluorite supports ones brain when trying to think through complex problems. It helps ones brain to function more like a computer when extra brainpower is needed.

Fluorite is also a great stone to use for emotional support as it helps one to go with the flow better. This is where the different colored stones can really come into play. Use the green fluorite to feel with ones heart, the purple fluorite to feel with ones spirit, the blue fluorite to be at peace with ones mind & the yellow fluorite to maintain courage & self-confidence when moving through challenging feelings.

Fluorite is a really great tool for Empaths and people who struggle with ADHD as it can help push out the chatter we tend to pick up helping one to focus on ones own thoughts, feelings & emotions.

Fluorite is a stone that if worked too hard will break. When I first started carrying fluorite I used a really small piece and I had a lot of troubles focusing at that time. It was maybe a few weeks to a month and my little piece of fluorite broke in half. What do you do when this happens you might ask. I buried it in the earth outside. It had done it's job so I returned it to the earth it came from.

Witch Tip: Keep one of these nearby when working on the computer as it is known to deflect Electromagnetic Fields

Planet: Mercury
Element: Water
Zodiac: Gemini & Virgo

Each crystal measures between 1.75"- 2" and each crystal chooses it's new home. You will receive 1 heart piece with your order. Each stone comes with a lovely ivory organza bag & information card. Please remember before using ones new crystal it is always important to cleanse and charge each stone with it's intended purpose. This can be achieved by smudging with sage to clear away energies that may have attached to ones crystal and by putting ones intention into each stone programming it for ones intended purpose.

Magickal Blessings,

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