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for abundance & sun energy

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Orange has an amazing uplifting citrus scent which brings feelings of happiness, renewed energy & joy to ones being and space. It cleanses the aura bringing one to a higher vibrational level leaving the same lightness to ones heart as one would get from sun energy.
Working with Orange energy is sure to lift ones spirits allowing one to radiate positive energy bringing ones manifestation game to an all new level. Welcome vitality to ones soul with the magick of Orange & allow the citrus scent to cleanse ones energy recharging the spirit for Summer Rituals or Meditations.
Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantium
Element: Fire
Planetary: Sun
Magickal Uses: Energy, Cleansing, Happiness, Sun Magick, Full Moon Magick, Raise Vibration, Renewal, Manifestation, Uplifting, Soothing Anxiety, Safety or Protection, Life Force & Vitality
Magickal Tip: String a festive garland of Orange Slices to hang next to ones door to cleanse the energy of all who enter and bless them with vitality & abundance!
Each organza sachet contains 10 whole slices of All Natural Orange Peel, ranging in size from 2 -3". Store in cool dry place when not in use. There are several uses for dried botanical Orange slices, including creating a summer or Yule Seasonal Garland, adding it to an altar, oil blend or making herbal sachets or potpourris & so much more! These dried Orange slices are meant for decoration purposes only.
Blessings of Vitality & Joy!
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