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for Desire & Seduction

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Desire is an intense energy & is governed by the root chakra, where our coiled kundalini energy sleeps until awoken by arousal. The red root chakra is where we hold our sense of survival, connection to earth, greatest joys, natural pleasures & our passions. We were blessed with this seductive energy, so enjoy the art of passion & desire. 
This subtle spicy scented resin blend, conjures up the energies of desire, not only sexually, but in all other forms. When we seek something, we are in a state of desire, we are looking to attract something we want into our lives. To succeed, we must put that energy into the Universe to welcome that frequency into our own state of being. Often this requires the Root Chakra to be awakened, this is our space of grounding, stability, survival. When the Root chakra is open, we become more open to receive the things we desire into our lives, because we feel 'secure' in the belief that we can obtain it. That is what this blend is created for drawing in that which we desire. Use this blend for attracting love, lust, binding a relationship, strengthening a bond, creating sexual desire, empowerment & so much more. 
There is enough resin in each 1 oz. glass corked bottle to last for many uses, as a little goes a very long way. It can be used as is, our ground up into a fine powder with your mortar & pestle. It is burned over hot charcoal; once your charcoal is hot, sprinkle some resin over it and allow it to diffuse. Let the magick of the smoke find it's way to your intentions, allowing it to revitalize ones magickal journey.
May your deepest Desires be Blessed,
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