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for desire & kundalini energy

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Amazingly powerful this Desire Candle was scented with my Desire Me Oil bringing passion, lust & desire into ones life. The scent of Jasmine, Lotus & Musk entices one's senses to feeling seductive & enchanting giving one the courage to act upon ones desires.

The energy of Garnet is connected to Kundalini energy, Vitality, Creativity & Passion. Use this fiery energy to boost the manifestation of ones desires. This candle is perfect if you want to spice things up in the bedroom as well.

This magickal hand-poured 6 oz. candle can be used for spells or just the aromatherapy that it offers. This decorative jar candle is made up of organic soy & coconut wax, non-toxic paper-core wick, fragrance & essential oil blend & is topped with the associated crystal chip gemstones. The magickal aura around each candle is powerful on its own, creating a shift in energy of any room it is left in. This beautiful candle offers a high scent throw.  It has an average burn time of 45+ hours. It comes in a reusable glass apothecary jar with cork lid.

May your Desires Manifest,


Desire Me oil available in my shop!

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