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for shadow work & release

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The Dark Moon is the perfect time to sit in contemplation and meditate on all of the things that one wants to let go of for the next Moon cycle. This is a perfect time to do shadow work or perform spells for release. This is also a great time to seek guidance from the Dark Mother or Hecate. Burn these wonderful hand poured tealights while doing ones Dark Moon work. They are perfect for this kind of work as one can work with a fresh tealight each Dark Moon for different magickal workings.

These amazing tealights are perfect for setting ones truth into motion with Apple Blossom & Cypress associated with the Crone to bring Wisdom & Guidance, Elder for its Healing properties & Patchouli for it's wonderful grounding abilities. These tealights are sprinkled with Rosemary and they come in a 12 pack perfect for the Dark Moon use them one each month for ones own Dark Moon ritual. Made with pure coconut & soy wax a blend of essential oils & high quality fragrance oils; tealights come in a box with lovely label.

May your workings bring release,


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Remember to keep fire safety in mind whenever burning candles. Keep candles away from curtains, pets and children.

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