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for divination & spirit work

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The Dandelion's persistence to grow where ever it will & it's refusal to yield to attempts to destroy it teach lessons in living our truth. Dandelion is a powerful healer and is most used in cleansing & purification. Use dried Dandelion root, leaves or flowers in incense or drink a cup of Dandelion tea daily as Self Care for Mind, Body & Soul.

The Waning Dandelion flower can be used for making wishes. A wreath made of Dandelion flowers makes for a great offering to the Goddess Hecate. Drinking Dandelion tea after deep work helps to manage the post-ritual mess. It brings the mind, body & spirit into sync while guiding us through the muck of Transformation. 

Botanical Name: Taraxacum officinale

Gender: Masculine     Planet: Jupiter     Element: Air     Deity: Hecate

Magickal Powers: Clarity, Communication, Freedom, Messages, Money, Power, Prophecy, Wishes, Divination & Summoning Spirits.

Spiritual Properties: Cleansing, All Healing (especially emotional), Protection & Psychic Abilities

Witch Tip: Leave a cup of Dandelion Tea next to the bed to call upon spirits.

This comes in a lovely 2 oz. glass apothecary jar with pentacle charm & informative label.



Herbs and information provided are not meant to treat or diagnose any disease or medical condition. Please seek medical attention if needed and always do research before consuming herbs or resins. Many contain natural high medicinal properties, which may be toxic to pets, small children and women who are nursing or pregnant.

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