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Copal Blanco Smudge Logs

for raising vibrations

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Indulge in a magickal experience with Copal Blanco Resin Smudge Logs. Made from the sacred Copal tree, these 4-inch logs offer a convenient and effective way to enjoy the enchanting fragrance. 

Experience the captivating scent of Copal Blanco resin. As it burns, it releases a mesmerizing aroma of sweet, resinous notes, reminiscent of citrus and vanilla. Perfect for moments of reflection, relaxation, or spiritual connection, these incense logs create a soothing and uplifting ambiance.

Experience the magic of Copal Blanco resin incense logs. Handcrafted with care and sourced sustainably from Copal trees. Slow and controlled burns release the captivating fragrance of expertly shaped and prepared logs. Transform your space with these traditional, ethically-made incense logs.

To enjoy the magical benefits of our incense logs. Simply place one on an incense burner, ignite the tip, and enjoy the fragrant smoke and glowing red ambers. Let the resin's aromatic essence transport you to a world of enchantment.

Whether used for meditation, spiritual rituals, or simply to enhance your living environment, these incense logs offer an authentic and enchanting experience for those seeking a connection with nature's aromatic wonders. I especially love how well these burn as opposed to traditional smudge wands. These stay lit for as long as you like and you don't have to worry about it going out for a long burn as you smudge a larger space. The best part is when you are done with it simply snuff it out and save the rest for another use!

These amazing smudge logs come in a 3 pack and are lovingly parceled.

Magickal Blessings,


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