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This roll of 10 charcoal disks come pre-packed, 'Three Kings' brand. 33mm
Each disk burns about 1 hour and only needs a small light at the tip after that it will light itself. 

Though Coconut Charcoal has a lighter scent than traditional charcoal it does create a bit of smoke so be sure to use caution when burning, do this in a well ventilated area and be sure to use metal tongs as the disks get very hot.

Charcoal is best used for Resins, Herbs, Loose Incense, Herbal Blends, Oils & Potions (1 drop at a time).
You can break the disk in half if you just need to do some quick work.

* For best results: Once the charcoal is lit, wait until it turns fully white and has a glowing red core *

Charcoal is a must have for any practitioner & is the traditional way of burning ones incense, resins, herbs or potions.

Magickal Blessings,


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