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for third eye & higher consciousness

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This Clairvoyance Alchemy Oil was made to help one to tap into ones higher consciousness. Helping to open the Third Eye so that one can connect to other realms to receive messages, get insight or visions. It helps to bring clarity to ones mind while working with spiritual realms making it easier to connect. This is great to use while doing Divination or trying to receive information about ones path. It heightens the senses allowing one to see more clearly the answers they seek.

Amethyst helps to connect to higher realms while Frankincense brings connection to spirituality.

Clairvoyance Alchemy Oil is a hand blended combination of essential & high quality fragrance oils diluted with Sweet Almond oil & Amethyst chips in a 10ml roller bottle with lovely informative label. Perfect as a gift. Make sure to get one for yourself as well!



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The Woodland Witch is not responsible for any use or misuse of her creations. Remember that these magickal items are the tools but the magick truly lies within oneself. Store these in a cool dry place, keep from heat or direct sunlight.

Vegan Friendly! Free of harsh chemicals & animal testing.

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