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for slowing down & determination

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The Turtle reminds us to slow down and stay grounded regardless of what chaos may be going on around us. With it's natural long life span the turtle is tied to ancient wisdom reminding one to stop and smell the roses so to speak; that life is about the journey not the end. The turtle is strong willed and determined ever moving forward towards it's destination and goals, always on the move but mindful to keep ones creature comforts close at hand. As the turtle is well balanced it possesses an emotional strength that one can really admire. From the turtle we can learn to remain patient when working towards a goal and to not ever give up on our dreams.

Reconnect to the Earth with this adorable turtle, it works great as a little hide away for your magickal goodies too.

This heavy duty 3" x 5" brass turtle, has a removable top and easily sits on multiple surfaces. Use this lovely Turtle to Adorn you altar, as it is perfect for burning cone incense or charcoal disks. I love to use it with tea lights and to keep my crystals in!

Magickal Blessings,


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This item does get hot when burning charcoal in it so be cautious when handling. Try putting sand in the bottom of it to absorb some of the heat!

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