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BLACK SALT - Witchcrafted

for Protection & Witchcraft

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In old times, Black Salt or Witch's Salt has been used for banishing, protection, cleansing, and hexing. Black salt can be used specifically to absorb and contain negativity. Traditionally known as 'Witch's Salt,'. it works wonders for hex or bad luck breaking, warding off evil or negativity, sickness or disease, Black Salt is primarily Protective.

You can use black salt by sprinkling it around your home, and doorsteps, windows or under beds to keep enemies, people with negative intent or harmful spirits away. By sprinkling Black salt under your pillow or bed you will keep nightmares at bay. Black Salt can also be used for circle casting during ritual. By laying the salt around your home, people that may mean you harm or bare negative energy with feel uncomfortable within or around the space and feel the need to suddenly leave. You can also sprinkle this salt in the foot prints of an unwanted visitor when they leave to keep them from returning.

This salt is witch-crafted with ritual ashes, cloves & sea salt. Topped with Black Obsidian for extra protective power. This item has been consecrated and charged.

This salt comes in a 4 oz glass Apothecary Bottle with screw on lid.

Due to the handmade nature of this product the color and texture will vary with each batch.

Blessings of Protection,


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The Woodland Witch makes no promises as to the outcome of magickal items as it is the magick in you that will affect the true outcome.

Salt is not for consumption.
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