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for Protection, Mental Focus & Grounding

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.Black Onyx is a great crystal to use when needing to create a protective barrier for doing works of magick, readings of any kind, channeling or any other bit of work that opens one up to psychic influences. Place Black Onyx on ones desk or wherever one works to help with focus, grounding & the ability for one to stay on task. Black Onyx deflects negative thoughtforms. Use this stone as a grounding tool or place it next to ones bed to guard against nightmares or night terrors. It will guard against any negative influence while sleeping helping one to sleep peacefully.

Black Onyx is very good at releasing ones fear and amplifies ones financial strength & ability to stay focused to achieve financial goals. It helps the self-employed to gain confidence & endurance to stay in business.

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Capricorn

Powers: Protection, Grounding, Focus, Deflect Negative Thoughtforms, Peaceful Sleep, Releasing Fear, Financial Success

Each crystal Obelisk is 1" at it's base and are 4-5" tall & chooses its new home, as you will receive 1 piece per order & comes with a beautiful ivory organza bag. Please remember before using ones new crystal it is always important to cleanse and charge each stone with it's intended purpose. This can be achieved by smudging with sage to clear away energies that may have attached to ones crystal and by putting ones intention into each stone programming it for ones intended purpose.

Magickal Blessings,

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