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for Banishing Entities & Harmful Spirits

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This Banishing Kit is designed to keep close on hand anytime doing magickal workings that may possibly allow energies or entities in that are harmful or that are unwanted. It is a powerful spell kit for banishing resistant ghosts & other spiritual entities and comes in a convenient travel size altar tin to keep all of ones supplies together and readily accessible.

This kit includes: Red Jasper powerful in banishing energies, Black Onyx for protection, Sea Salt for protection and purification, Black Pepper for protective & banishing properties, Basil Anointing Oil for removing evil, 2 Black tealights,1 small box of matches, Banishing Spell all in a 5.5"x4"x1.5" tin. Once used just refill with ingredients of your own choosing.

May your Banishings be Blessed,


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