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for Sun Energy, Creativity & Oracular Insight

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Apollo is the God of the Sun, Healing Energy, Science, Oracles & Divination, Arts, Music, Archery and more; how better to honor him than with this enchantingly beautiful massage oil. So versatile you can use it as a moisturizer, an anointing oil, a bath oil or for massage.

To touch and being touched is a vital part of humanity. Without being touched or touching others you love one will fall into Apathy. This is when emotions, empathy & feelings of love die or lay dormant. As touch is so vital to our survival and happiness: I have conjured this wonderfully rich massage oil to make massage more magickal & full of intent. I have created nourishing oils for your skin, but they are also magickally created with crystals and essential oils to aid in your massage experience. Blessed with Sunstone and Citrine. This beautiful bottle contains Sunstone & Citrine crystal chips, my Apollo Oil, Vitamin E oil, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Almond oil and Gold Mica....along with love and Magick!

A natural massage oil with no nasty additives or other chemicals. This oil is completely non-toxic I have had a lot of people inquire about the Lily of the Valley in the scent. The Lily of the Valley is a High Quality Fragrance Oil not essential oil. This unique design makes your skin feel soft and gives it a beautiful glow. This bottle of oil is beautiful and mesmerizing to watch as the colors swirl around. Watching the colors alone is almost meditative.

The Mica will not stain your skin I have tried it on myself and it only leaves a lovely shimmer. It might however stain fabric, use with caution around your favorite fabrics. Suggestions for use: The oils and Mica will be settled at the bottle when not in use. Shake bottle for about 30 seconds before use. This oil comes with a dropper so it is easy to get the amount you would like to use. Massage into the skin and just leave it on.

*A test patch is recommended first. Be careful to keep it on the exterior of your body, do not ingest. I recommend placing a towel down before your massage just to be safe. Recap tightly and store out of direct sun.

The Woodland Witch is not responsible for the misuse of this product. This wonderful oil comes a 2 oz. bottle with a glass dropper with a lovely label.

May you Radiate Good Health & Inspiration!


More massage oils and Apollo items in my shop! For external use only.

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