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for Abundance, Psychic Abilities & Protection

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Ametrine is a very rare crystal coming from less than a handful of mines worldwide. It is a quartz based crystal in which Amethyst and Citrine have formed within the same crystal structure. As such it can be used in place of either stone but the influences of both crystals in the same stone allow them to amplify and augment each other so that while you may use Amethyst for physic work or mental strength while performing a task, the Citrine in the crystal can help increase the chance that your work will be successful. While you may use Citrine for money or wealth work the Amethyst can help ensure that the source of that money or wealth is strong, stable and sustainable. Because this crystal is a blend of three crystals it is also a powerful focus for strengthening and increasing the chance of success in your Alchemy and transformative work.

Ametrine has this extraordinarily high vibration able to strip away old prejudices and beliefs

AMETRINE draws out negative energies from your body and replaces them with energy of Divine light. It brings harmony into the body with the aid of quieting the mind with the calm sound of nothingness.

Ametrine balances the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras

Sunlight will fade it. However, you can recharge it on Litha by leaving your ametrine in a place where it can greet the dawn. Otherwise, leave under a holly or ivy plant in the shade.

Listing is for one medium sized beautifully polished Ametrine crystal gemstone, measuring approx .75". Gorgeous stones! These come in a lovely ivory organza bag with information card.


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