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for Fortune Telling & Divination

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This beautiful Alexandrite Gazing Ball is a lovely piece to use to brighten up ones sacred space. For centuries magickal practitioners have used gazing balls, black mirrors & other reflective surfaces for seeing the future & scrying. Many believe that mirrors are a direct portal to the spirit world, allowing loved ones, angels & spirits to come through to deliver messages, warnings & spiritual gifts to the practitioner. Many practitioners cover their reflective surfaces be it gazing balls, mirrors etc. when not in use to keep spirits or other beings from coming and going from them. In Victorian times people covered their mirrors when a loved one was about to pass to keep their soul from getting trapped in the mirror instead of moving on to Heaven.

Purple is a very powerful color for growing your spiritual wisdom, strengthening your insight, enhancing divination practices & helping focus during meditation. Using the color Purple or Indigo around your meditation or divination space, can enhance your clairvoyant & third eye energies. Purple or Indigo promotes a desire to dive deep into the soul & gain a stronger connection to one's higher self, through the Third Eye. Purple inspires psychic awareness & subconscious thought to surface, in dreams or in the physical realm.

Perfect for any Witch or Magickal Practitioner, this 80mm medium crystal gazing ball measures appox 4" across & comes with a wooden pedestal base, measuring around 2", ready for use. It will arrive in a box protected with Styrofoam walls, easy to wrap as a gift for a love one. This gazing ball is made of glass with 10% Quartz Crystal, to enhance psychic vibrations.

Magickal Blessings,


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