Welcome to Woodland Witchcraft!

Where I carry witchcrafted and carefully selected items for ritual, spiritual and magickal use. At Woodland Witchcraft you will find witchcrafted candles, incense, ritual oils, salts, spell powders, ritual kits and much more.

I create my magickal goodies in small batches of three to five at a time. Great care is taken in every step of the creation process ensuring a high quality item made with ethically sourced supplies and ingredients. I conjure these lovelies in my tiny workshop in my home (that’s right no assembly line here).

Informational materials designed and created by myself are included to help educate on the items use and to give tidbits of information and witchy tips.

Did I forget to mention that I also include a free intuitively chosen item with each cleansed and lovingly parceled order? I hope you enjoy my enchanted creations as much as I do!

Magickal Blessings,