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Blue Apatite Palm Stones

for speaking your truth

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Bright Blue Apatite creates a portal through which one can communicate with spirit guides. Communication with Ascended Masters requires a good connection both above & below. This stone aids the information's assimilation process in a grounded way so it can be used & integrated into ones daily life.

Apatite is the perfect stone to help clear ones thoughts by sorting out which are valid and which only add confusion to ones life. Apatite is useful in helping one understand thoughts & concepts, especially when feeling overwhelmed.

Emotionally Apatite is a great tool for becoming conscious of emotional eating. As one pinpoints the emotions that trigger the eating it gives one a better chance of dealing with said emotions to help break the cycle.

Use Apatite for work with the throat chakra.

Element: Earth
Zodiac: Virgo
Chakra: Throat & Solar Plexus
This listing is for one Blue Apatite palm stone measuring between 2-3" and comes lovingly parceled ready to gift or keep for yourself.
Magickal Blessings,
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