New Moon in Scorpio - Woodland Witchcraft

New Moon in Scorpio

November 13th


New Moons are such a magickal time. They are a time of setting intentions and new beginnings. This New Moon in Scorpio is no different. Take this time to be fully authentically you! The world may have told you that you’re too much, but they’re wrong. You are needed, all of you, in your fullest glory, just as you are.

This Scorpio New Moon is challenging you to confront whatever is holding you back from being all that you are & all that you can be. There’s no holding back now, its full steam ahead, even if that means starting over. Take this time to empower yourself & take things to a deeper level. If you’re feeling a little wild, that’s okay, go with it & really shake things up.

I love using the new moon to set intentions for the next moon cycle. To get the most out of this one, write your intentions down & read them to the Moon. I like to turn it into a little ceremony by finding somewhere quiet. I light candles and burn incense while thoughtfully writing out my intentions. When you are done simply read them to the Moon & then burn the page. Go outside & toss the ashes into the wind to carry your intentions to the Universe. Give thanks to the Moon & the Universe for hearing your truth & spend some time in contemplation enjoying the serenity of the New Moon.


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