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Musings of Wisdom in Life

I woke up this morning from more vivid eclipse dreams, but just before I woke up my mind said "time is looping in on itself". To this I answered "time does not exist, everything is happening all at once". This got me thinking, if time is truly irrelevant then Chronos time isn't real, but only an illusion, we all live in Kairos time.

This brings the question that if everything is happening all at once then why do we wait for things? Why must we wait for time to pass before doing things? Why do I have to wait until May to go see my son graduate college? That's when it hit me, we aren't waiting for time to pass, we are waiting for actions to take place; events to happen. Before I can go see my son graduate, he must first pass all of his classes, take all of his exams. We must have the money saved for the trip and my daughter must get caught up in her classes. There are many events that must take place to lead up to the momentous occasion. 

This is why life is about the journey, not the destination. The journey we are on to our destination is more or equally important than the actual destination. How you get to an event in life, the steps you take, the choices you make all define who you are as a person. Some people are so focused on a goal or event that they become ruthless or cruel to get there stepping on anyone or anything in their path. Others however, are more conscious of the path they walk. They take time partially or fully aware that they will get there when it is time & they see there is beauty in the journey. They are compassionate, they help others, they give unconditional love & kindness to others. They literally stop to smell the roses.

There are so many different paths to a destination and everyone has a choice to make about which paths they will take & how they will conduct themselves along the way. Seeing this reminds me to slow down a little bit more. As all the things in life we want and need are already ours, we just have to open up to receive them. How many times have you been so excited for something big in life? As kids it was Christmas or a trip somewhere, as adults it could be a promotion, wedding, vacation, or even the birth of a child. 

We get so excited about these events that we gloss over, almost sleep walk, through life until the event.  Usually the special occasion is amazing, but it was just a moment in time, it was over so quickly that it felt almost like a letdown. Our lives are full of these moments. What is important for us to remember is to enjoy the process of getting there, to find joy in all of the little steps along the way.

Life isn't about a series of big events, those are just a bonus, life is about the journey. It's about the adventure; how you love, how much you laugh, how you live; it's all the moments when you feel truly alive that count. So take chances, love deeply, help a stranger, laugh until you cry, let go of your ego & be vulnerable let people in; the Universe has got you, just be!

Everything you want and need is already yours and on its way to you, you just have to be patient and have faith. I strongly believe that the only thing that really matters in life is how you treat others, how you love others. When you are finally at the end of your life, if we are judged, it won't be on our accomplishments or how much money we have, but on how we treated others; did we love? How did we love? Did we love unconditionally & with compassion & forgiveness? Or was it limited and very conditional? Did we love at all?

All that truly matters in life is that we are true to ourselves, that we love ourselves & others, that we laugh, & that we truly thrive. As I tell my children, I am telling you; do you, go to work or school or whatever you do, don't stress. As long as you do your part the Universe has your back, you just have to have faith and go forth in love.

Brightest Blessings,


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