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Effects of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

How did Mercury Retrograde in Virgo screw up your life?

As we all know, during the dreaded Mercury Retrograde we need to be careful about signing contracts and making big decisions. The reason for this is because usually during Mercury Retrograde there is a lot of confusion around communication. Emails get lost, texts are never sent etc.… Typically, we use Mercury Retrograde to take time and look at what needs to be redone. It’s an opportunity to look inward and take stock of where you are going and how you are getting there. To determine if it’s what you really want or if you need to switch courses. It’s also a time to focus on yourself with some self-care. We meditate, take long herbal baths, indulge in a good book and allow ourselves the time to do those relaxing activities we never prioritize.

To put it mildly, that’s not what I did this time. Oh no…. Instead, I decided it was time to plow full steam ahead and do all the things you shouldn’t do during this time of caution. Guess what happened? It was an absolute shit show! Yes! I decided during the retrograde to rebuild my website, which was good because that was redoing something. But I didn’t stop there. I started all kinds of new projects, too. Not even one of them went as planned, and I was lucky if anything even got off the ground. I ended up working in circles and not getting anywhere.

Following the website rebuild, I was supposed to go to this concert with my boyfriend, our 1st concert together. We were going to see Breaking Benjamin. I bought the tickets way in advance; his birthday was coming up, and it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate. I did my due diligence, I swear! I checked the location when I ordered the tickets and even mapped the whole thing out. The drive was supposed to take a little over an hour, which would allow us plenty of time to get there after he arrived home from work. Mercury retrograde was not having it. Long story short, the day of the concert he got home late, only for us to discover that the venue was actually 2 ½ hours away!! What!! At this point, I was extremely frustrated. How had my plans backfired so spectacularly? Yeah so, we didn’t end up going; instead, we went to a hidden spot and played in the river.

Even if I had learned the lesson that Mercury Retrograde was trying to teach me, we also had another concert planned for the last day of Retrograde. We were going to see The Amity Affliction, and again, I got tickets way in advance. We were really looking forward to going. Of course, due to our previous mishap, this was going to be our first concert together. What do you know, shenanigans strikes again the car broke down the day of the show and we didn’t get to go to that concert either.

In my magickal life things weren’t much better. Of course, I tried to start new Spiritual habits and push forward with my magickal learning. Most of the time I either didn’t get out of it what I wanted, or nothing happened. Even my manifestations fell flat until after the retrograde. Bummer…

To say that I learned my lesson this last retrograde would be an understatement. The next one that comes around I will proceed with caution and remember to take it slow and re-do, re-work and relax!


How did your retrograde go?

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