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Crossing the Veil: 5 Magical Herbs for Samhain

Samhain is a powerful time for rituals, spellcraft & divination. This is the time of year when the barrier between the spirit world & ours begins to break down, allowing more interaction, so it is a great time for works of magick involving connection to the other side, divining your future year, and releasing what is holding you back from manifesting your best life. This is the final harvest when dead things are cleared away to make way to start anew, & we welcome in the dark half of the year. 

There are so many ways to work with the magick of Samhain, & everyone seems to have their own traditions, rituals, & meanings behind it. I have selected some of my favorite herbs to work with this time of year, as I like to work with my ancestors and Hekate. These herbs assist with divination, binding magick, shadow work, protection, & release.


Pomegranate is the sacred fruit of temptation & truth. Use the sacred fire that flows from this fruit to deepen your experience of the feminine mysteries, connecting to the dearly departed, & for honoring Hekate & Persephone. It is at Samhain that Persephone descends into the underworld for six months to reign as Queen of the Underworld.

Pomegranate both creates & destroys, so give clear instructions about your purpose for her in your spellcraft. You wouldn't want to accidentally create a bad situation instead of destroying it, so be specific.

Spiritual Powers: Afterlife, understanding the life cycle, spiritual death & rebirth, ancestral healing, and forgiveness.

Magickal Powers: Abundance, banishing, clarity, deception, forgiveness, love, rebirth, trust, and the Wisdom of Persephone.

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Scorpio

Stone: Red Jasper

Animal: Swan

Use Pomegranate seeds as an offering to Hekate & Persephone. Sprinkle them on ice cream or cakes or use the juice in infusions & tinctures. The dried seeds can be used in poppets, on candles or in herbal incense & scatters.


Mugwort should be a staple in every Witch’s herbal cabinet. It is excellent for opening psychic abilities as it both enhances connection & offers protection.

Spiritual Powers: Integrity, healing, purification, protection, psychic development, soothing the worried mind, astral travel & dream work.

Magickal Powers: Astral travel, third eye work, mild trance inducer, meditation helper, & revelations.

Planet: Venus & Moon

Element: Air & Earth

Zodiac: Gemini, Cancer & Libra

Stone: Clear Quartz

Animal: Raven

Use Mugwort as an infusion for endless uses in magick & medicine. When drunk as a daily tonic, Mugwort boosts magickal abilities & eases inflammation of the body, mind & spirit. Use as a base for almost any incense or burn on a charcoal disc to cleanse, protect & activate your space. Place in a purple pouch under your pillow to empower your dreams.


This resin has the power to raise vibrations & is a gate-opener to the unborn soul & mysticism. In spells & offerings it represents the mystery of Hekatean witchcraft. Myrrh’s properties are a powerful addition to all sorts of psychic workings especially for death-rebirth magick. It’s also very potent in activating psychic abilities.

Spiritual Powers: Brings lightness of being & connection to the unborn soul, the higher mysteries, ascended masters, angels & the Starry Road

Magickal Powers: Abundance, afterlife, blessings, death, hex-breaking, initiation, purification, rebirth & sacred rites.

Planet: Jupiter & Moon

Element: Air

Zodiac: Scorpio

Stone: Moonstone

Animal: Dragonfly

Burn Myrrh as an incense to create lightness of being on a charcoal disk. You may also wear a piece of resin as jewelry. Place small pieces in a bottle of ink to use in writing spells at the Full or New Moon.


Basil is a great herb for Samhain as it is traditionally associated with death, burial & initiation. In the ancient Mediterranean region basil was known as an herb of mourning. The ancient Greeks used it in death rites to help the departed transition. Basil banishes through fire energy, burning away what is no longer needed.

Spiritual Powers: Afterlife, banishing, grief, initiation & loss.

Magickal Powers: Banishing, confidence, courage, initiation, power, rebirth & release.

Planet: Mars & Venus

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Aries & Scorpio

Stone: Garnet

Animal: Ram

Basil connects to dragon energy & activates your inner serpent. Carry it to be more assertive, fierce & to speak your truth. Basil is ruled by Mars, so it brings courage; be sure to let him know your specific intention.

Witchy tip: sprinkle basil on your window sills to keep evil from entering your home.


Skullcap is a binder; it brings clarity to the mind while also drowning what no longer serves. It brings calm, but through an almost aggressive nature.

Skullcap is a botanical of steely strength & is fantastic when combined with Lavender for instant calm as it works quickly. Whatever your intention, within Skullcap’s range of power, he will either squeeze it until there is no life left or enclose it in a nourishing protective manner.

Spiritual Powers: Calming & opening the mind, connecting to the Mother, expanding consciousness, drawing forth soul truth & rebirth.

Magickal Powers: Binding in all forms, clarity, commitment, emotional healing, evoking Hekate, fidelity, rebirth, astral projection, divination, intuition & wisdom.

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Water

Zodiac: Aquarius

Stone: Blue Sapphire

Animal: Spider

Use Skullcap as a tonic to prepare yourself for rebirth work or as a binding agent in almost any spell. It can be made into a mist to assist with divination processes. Simply infuse 2 tbsp of dried Skullcap into 1 quart of water & mist your space or tools.

There are many other herbs that are popular and useful for Samhain depending on your purpose. I end with a note of caution. Herbs are medicinal and should not be ingested by pregnant women or children. Always do your own research before using any herb and consult a physician if you take medications or have a medical condition.

Samhain Blessings,


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