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Celebrating Mabon

Mabon, the Autumn Equinox is an amazing time of the year. This is the second harvest, when we get to reap the benefits of our labors for the year; the farmers harvest their crops to get through the winter and for the rest of us we get to look back to see which of our manifestations have bloomed and which ones didn't get off the ground. It's a great time of reflection and growth. I like to use this time to release the intentions that didn't make it and the things that are no longer serving my highest good. This is also a great time for looking at your successes and giving thanks for all of the amazing opportunities that have blessed your life this year. Take this time to look at all of the lessons you have learned and the ways that you have grown. A great way to enjoy this magickal time is to set intentions and call in all of the blessings you are manifesting for this enchanting season!

Mabon Blessings,


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